A comparison of the movie versions of romeo and juliet by baz luhrmann and franco zefferelli

Zeferelli had set the play when it was written, and where it meant to be, which is Verona, Italy. I can also see a church which certainly stands out to the rest of the city. And from that I can connote further on that the move could have mafia related crime since the basic outline of Romeo and Juliet is family hatred.

This can suggest lost love or broken love due to death or even a for binned causing sorrow and deceit. However, the theme seemed to be captured more in the Zeffirelli film. Throughout the third brawl scene there are a number of close ups on the key characters that show the aggression.

How do I compare Baz Luhrmann's and Franco Zeffirelli's versions of Romoe and Juliet?

One of the Most renowned Play writers in history; Shakespeare has seen his exceptionally illustrious love story Romeo and Juliet on screen many times, each time just as different as the other. Then we see a black reporter on the television from I can certainly connote that the film is set in present days and not a few years back in the past showing that could have a version of Romeo and Juliet that has modern day violence in it.

From all of this I connote that this film version produce by Franco Zeffirelli will be for a secluded audience, upper class. Both of the films are a tragedy type film because of the deaths of close family and friends; there is fighting and despair, and two of the main characters die during scene three and two more die in the final scene, concluding the play.

Neither film stayed completely faithful to the text in this respect. This sets an unsettling affect. From this I can connote that there is death and family feuds.

Then were on the ground and can see a brackets this shows the violent side and family feud side to the film. This will appeal to people of around 25 and below because they will understand this and will be able to relate to this.

And also will be the traditional re-enactment of William Shakespeare play. As a result of this the last little bit of hope was lost. People whom like action, love and very brilliant plots. Both Directors chose controversial Main actors, and for both of them the risk paid off. Romeo was defending himself when he killed Tybalt, so he was in a good position in the eyes of the 16th century law system.

In Franco Zeffirelli version of Romeo and Juliet begins with a soft light colour background with a wide Birdseye camera shot across the city which pans across the screen.

This suggests that in the film their will be a relaxed atmosphere and will not have overpowering vigilante justice. The props were then updated from the s to their modern-day equivalent, guns, and the coastal area was re-named "Verona Beach". Then the zoom up builds up to buildings split by a statue of Jesus Christ.

This shows that the film will be traditional and fair and not a bulge of violent actions. It has such passion but also has the action to attract the younger audience who might not understand Shakespeare. Zeferelli kept it real by using real swords.

They did not use Verona because it was too modern. Both movies were excellently produced but I personally prefer Luhrmanns version of Romeo and Juliet because it is much more modern and I can relate to it.

Franco Zefferelli, however, created his film instarring Leonardo Whitting and Olivia Hussey, focusing on how well the actors played the part of the character, as he wanted to keep the originality of the play.

Romeo and Juliet

Then we see the sun. A couple of examples showing the detailed differences between the movies are the costuming, props, and the characters. Because of its isolation and early era, it was sometimes possible to lose sight of how strange the story really was when watching the Zefferelli production.The renowned William Shakespeare’s play, “Romeo and Juliet” was directed into two movie versions; the traditional version of that was directed by Franco Zeffirelli and the modern version of that followed as directed by Baz Luhrman.

Compare And Contrast The Two Film Versions Of Romeo And Juliet By Franco Zeffirelli And Baz Luhrmann - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample In Baz Lurhmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet he starts with a dark room with a.

Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet was made in and Franco wanted it to be very authentic. The costumes, setting and choice of actors have illustrated this perfectly. Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet on the other hand is very contemporary. Comparing the Luhrmann and Zeffirelli Versions of Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a play by Shakespeare written in the sixteen century.

It. When I was asked to compare Baz Luhrmann’s and Franco Zefirelli’s versions of Romeo and Juliet one out of many things drastically separates the two videos for me. Zeferelli had set the play when it was written, and where it meant to be, which is Verona, Italy. What is most notable about Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet is how similar it is to the text of the play.

As was noted at the time, Zeffirelli cast actors to play Romeo and Juliet .

A comparison of the movie versions of romeo and juliet by baz luhrmann and franco zefferelli
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