A description of maternal desire as the main issue in the film aliens

An article published in for the New York Times highlights public opinion on abortion, and the general consensus on the hotly debated topic: While the visual elements of reproduction are evident in the depiction of grotesque birth, the metaphor of the archaic mother is also predominant in relation to the alien lifecycle.

More College Papers Aliens essay Maternal desire is the main issue in the film Aliens; for the heroine, it is loss and the subsequent regaining of the object of maternal desire that is significant.

Ripley dies alone, the final member of the crew of the Nostromo before the success of the film led to the resurrection of Ripley for several sequels, of course. It s a whole new world ;a get away.

Not only that, but she has unknowingly not only brought with her the creature capable of creating new alien life, but is herself the host of the new Alien Queen. Ripley herself now is the womb in which the alien resides, reverting the external abject horror to an internal threat.

The dialogue spoken by the marines is also an almost nonsensical combination of military jargon, bravado and slang.

Ripley/Scott: Gender in ‘Prometheus’ and the ‘Alien’ Movies

Alien opens with a birth sequence. The representation of abject birth, however, is not confined to that of the human body. Lack of access to safe abortion, family planning, skilled birth attendants, health facilities, clean water, safe and clean birthing environment are also common causes.

It maintains a world of bottomless fear, but finds love in it somewhere as well. Their weapons are useless underneath the cooling towers and they quickly discover that they are facing an enemy that does not abide by the rules of war that they are accustomed to.

The bitch versus Mummy While Ripley is aligned with feminine and natural characteristics through her nurturing instincts, she is far removed from the alien creatures that represent the natural world at its most brutal and savage. However, film theorist Barbara Creed argues that the manifestation of the monstrous feminine is not always in the guise of the horrific body as found in the B-movie: James Kavanagh argues that there are three scenes of birth within the narrative during the first act of the film, each one progressively more monstrous and violent, leading up to the horrific birth of the alien.

Maternal Ideals – Mothers in Literature and Film

The vast majority of assessments of the film deem it a feminist picture because of its representations of a gender-neutral society where a woman can rise to the role of leader and hero. Log in or register now. The various representations in Aliens of the natural order versus the human order are a lot less clean cut.

This gives the human characters a heightened masculinity to face off against the heightened monstrous femininity of a large nest of aliens with a queen alien at its centre.

In Aliens the primordial nightmare of the natural world that is the aliens is further emphasised but this time its human foe, specifically Ripley as the only survivor from the original film, is also aligned strongly with the natural world. As the two stand over the body, saws and knives are shown in extreme close up hacking into the young girl, blood pouring out of her body and down the drain.

While Ripley does successfully use technology, machinery and weaponry to defeat the aliens she does so in an inventive and resourceful way that distinguishes her from the militarised approach of the marines.

The Other Alien in Alien. We may be able to recognize that Ripley is female and Dallas is male, but the film does not.

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As the two terrified females slowly turn around, a tracking shot along the egg sac finally reveals the Alien Queen. The queen is even capable of vengeful rage, as Ripley burns the eggs anyway. Judith Newton notes that Ash had already scored "a series of hostile victories over Ripley in which white male viewers can vicariously participate.

Part of the story reveals Ripley, the last human survivor of the Nostromo, has now outlived the daughter she has not seen since she was a little girl. Aliens does keep motherhood creepy, though. Taubin,10 The film ends with Ripley sacrificing her own life to save that of humanity.

About the Film

Science officer Ash, who is revealed in the third act of the film to be an android, could arguably be seen as the embodiment of this anxiety.

The actual ship they travel in, the Sulaco, looks like a giant gun floating through space and while the awakening from hypersleep sequence mimics the sequence from Alien, this time, as the camera floats through the empty spaces of the ship, it, by contrast, focuses on the weaponry and other pieces of military hardware.

Hyper masculinity and technology By including the information about Ripley having been a mother she is given a specific motherly femininity that was not necessarily present in the original Alien.Aliens Essay Examples. 26 total results.

A Brief History of the Topic - Existence of Aliens.

2, words. A Description of Maternal Desire as the Main Issue in the Film Aliens. 1, words. A Description of Going From City to City in the Starship. 1, words.

No film studies syllabus is complete without an invitation to parse alien-invasion B-movies from the ‘50s as fretful cold-war allegories.

Fiction Studies devoted an entire issue. Ripley/Scott: Gender in ‘Prometheus’ and the ‘Alien’ Movies. There have been few film franchises with a greater gap between their initial and latest offerings than the 33 years that passed between Alien and Prometheus—and no other franchises with a significant gap have had the same director at the (chest-burster aliens as.

4 Strangest Descriptions of Aliens. April 08, ; 27,; Science; Image Sources Subscribe to our newsletter We're all familiar What was discovered was that all four men had a consistent description of the same being and events, with each of the men recounting humiliating physical experiments.

All four were deemed mentally unstable. Jun 09,  · Reproduction and the Maternal Body in the Alien Series. Posted on June 9, By Paul Anthony Jonze. a glimpse of sexual difference at odds with the impersonal egalitarian structure of the rest of the film.

In Aliens and in which this deadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rights issue instead. About the Film SISTER SYNOPSIS: Sister tells the story of health workers from Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti, exploring how they find meaning while working under difficult circumstances and revealing maternal and newborn death as a human rights issue.

A description of maternal desire as the main issue in the film aliens
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