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All of the characters hold white balloons, which were a symbolic gesture at AIDS memorials at the time. Characters are constantly struggling to say what they feel about the man they have lost.

She can only watch everyone else talk about her son, who must have been as strange and puzzling to her as she was to him. She is shocked and is left with regret for not accepting her son and not spending time in getting to know who her son really is.

Cal can let Andre go, letting his balloon go, knowing that he accepted his partner as who he is and was loved by a special person.

She hasnt given the chance to allow her son to live and express who he really is regardless of his sexual orientation. All of them also have names, with one exception.

In the PBS adaptation, the mother played by Sada Thompson is given slightly more to say, but is still kept inscrutable for the most part. Fear is only an obstacle but should never remain even in death. But she continues to hold it together while the audience listens to Cal, on how Andre was a good person.

Throughout the whole time, she is left still and quiet and the audience is waiting for her to explode or break down in crying.

For many plays, this last image would have been enough: She hindered her son from being who he truly is around her. He knows he can die freely knowing that he was free with Cal. So lets take the chance to be free and to accept before it is too late.

This is not only due to lack of tolerance, but also a lack of vocabulary: She is there miserable and trying to keep herself strong, but on the inside she is slowly breaking down.

The 4 white balloons are held by each person. And we are given the freedom to be. She is there not knowing how to react or feel, she feels sorrow and complete lonliness of the fact that if only she knew and accepted her gay son, he could have died knowing that he was accepted by the one person that he admired.

Ultimately, he delivers a series of unadorned facts: The only thing that frightened him was you. They reminice about Andre and how important he was. Added Matinee Thurs, Jun 4: A sympolic spectacle in the play are the balloons. Each person freely accepted Andre for the person he is and his sexual orientation.

You would have been proud of him. The mother is left standing on stage alone, clutching the string of her white balloon. She is left there holding her balloon that she will have to eventually let go, listening to how good her son is. The theme of this play is acceptance.Andre's Mother is an American drama film, written by Terrence McNally and directed by Deborah Reinisch, which was broadcast on the PBS television program American Playhouse in It stars Richard Thomas, Sada Thompson, and Sylvia Sidney Plot.

The play is set at the Manhattan memorial service for. While the PBS adaptation plumbs a bit more of the family drama surrounding Andre’s death, the original stage version of Andre’s Mother is the story of a confrontation.

After an outdoor memorial for his lover, Cal tells the man’s mother about her son’s life in New York, to which the son fled years ago to escape her disapproval. Free Essay: Analysis of Andre’s Mother by Terrence McNally The play, Andre’s Mother, by Terrence McNally is a story about accepting death and is based in a.

May 11,  · Andre's Mother (Extra Credit) In Terrence McNally's, "Andre's Mother", the play focuses on 4 people.

The scene is a convesation between the people of Andre's death and his mother holding balloons in his memory. Near an outdoor theater which plays Hamlet by Shakespeare.

Andre used to play hamlet in Boston.

Sorrow: Each character is having to deal with the death of Andre. Cal and Andre's mother have the hardest time dealing with the sorrow. White: Emotionless,Cold,Pure Cal and Andre's mother are the main. Analysis of Andre’s Mother by Terrence McNally The play, Andre’s Mother, by Terrence McNally is a story about accepting death and is based in a story about a young man who died before telling his mother that he was gay; leaving the man’s partner to break the news and to inform the mother about how much he missed seeing her and his fear of.

Analysis of andre s mother by
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