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She becomes ill, and her family take her to a spa in Germany, where she recovers and realizes that she has truly loved Levin all along. Yet Anna cannot let go of Vronsky--she continues to see him quite often.

Levin, a landowner and country man, comes to the city to propose to Kitty, a pretty young lady who is mesmerized instead by Vronsky.

He also realizes he will always love Kitty. The latter scene is loaded with importance for us, but the former occurs before we know how the plot will develop, so Anna karenina study notes is the more easily forgotten instance of crossover.

The lack is noticeable. Anna is confined of a daughter, but dangerously ill from puerperal fever. Curiously, the very thing they have yearned to escape—Russian society—is what earlier gave structure and meaning to their existences.

She depends entirely on him for internal peace and love. He fears the ridicule of society far more than the destruction of his own marriage. He opposed war in general, later inspiring Gandhi with his pacifism, and wished to convey this sentiment in Anna Karenina.

These losses prompt both men to sign up with the Slavic cause, partly as a means of distracting themselves. She has woven a complex web for herself, one she feels she can only escape by killing herself.

Yet Anna recovers and forgets quickly about Karenin, once again taking up her torrid affair with the count. Karenin discovers the extent of the affair when he sees Vronsky leaving his house, and helooks into divorce. These incidents form the turning point of the novel. Anna manages to convince Dolly to forgive him.

What purpose do they serve in the overall scheme of the novel? Anna swears that is all she wants out of her remaining life. Karenin thinks she is going to die, so he forgives her for everything she did. He writes a book about farming practices in Russia, revealing his belief that landowners should split the land with their peasants so the peasants have an incentive to work harder.

He complains that the cause purports to act on behalf of the Russian people when in fact most common Russians know nothing about it—the cause is largely a fantasy cooked up by newspapers to boost circulation.

He expends his energies in devising a cooperative landholding system with his peasants to make the best use of the land. Quickly, Anna is understood as a generous person, interested only in benevolence. Now he and Anna leave for Italy. Anna, meanwhile, runs off with Vronsky. We see how Anna becomes cruel, vindictive, and self-destroying as she exists according to her single goal — to maintain her love relationship.

In this view of political activism and warfare as substitutes for fulfillment in private life, Tolstoy shows us the illusory side of government and statecraft. Though Tolstoy does not explicitly state his views on the Slavic issue in the novel, we nonetheless get hints that he is not a full supporter.

Shortly, though, Anna meets and falls in love with the dashing Count Vronsky. She must seek the love of a freer, yet honorable, individual.

Part 7 Kitty gives birth to a son. He tried to commit suicide by shooting himself, but he, like Anna, did not die. Her life is in a state of suspension. Anna is in a tough position. Karenin, an outstanding example of an individual dehumanized by sophisticated, rational society, is the first one Anna must reject.

Seeing his brother Nicolai hopelessly ill with tuberculosis, he realizes he has been working to avoid facing the problem of death.

Anna Karenina Notes

Koznyshev endures the devastating realization that his recently published book, a six-year labor of love, is worthless and unread; Vronsky, meanwhile, loses Anna, the love of his life.of 23 results for "anna karenina study guide" Anna Karenina (Cliffs Notes) Nov 26, by Marianne Sturman.

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Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Tolstoy was born to a large noble family in Russia. He studied law in university, but he was an indifferent student and left without.

of 63 results for "anna karenina notes" Anna Karenina (Cliffs Notes) Nov 26, by Marianne Sturman. Paperback. $ $ 7 49 Prime.

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Anna Karenina

Vincent Verret. Paperback. $ $ 5 99 Prime. Character Analysis Anna Karenina Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List Like Levin, Anna seeks a personal resolution between spontaneous, unreflecting life and the claims of reason and moral law.

Anna Karenina is a novel by Leo Tolstoy that was first published in Anna Karenina Plot Summary. Anna Karenina has two plots that run side by side throughout the novel: the story of Anna and the story of Levin.

Levin's story is an expression of Tolstoy's pastoral nature and a reaffirmation of the .

Anna karenina study notes
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