Brand extension marketing plan

See our privacy policy. The margins in the new category may be too small to justify the investment, etc. In point 9, we suggest that every brand extension should open a new category for the company and in point 10 that long term possibilities should be contemplated in advance.

Brand extensions in the hospitality industry provide a good example of these statistics. Short and long term possibilities should be identified up-front. Well, we can attribute Brand extension marketing plan of the reasons of the failure to a low brand association between the parent brand and a four-star type of hotel.

Make the brand extension a logical fit The new product must be a logical fit to the brand, compatible, expected and follow the current brand story. Moving to the TopRight. When Ocean Spray launched Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail, that product opened the door for the company to enter the bottled juice business in a big way.

There will always be uncertainty about how successful a brand extension can be. These brands are venturing into the risky world of brand extensions, planning to launch boutique hotels in different locations in the U.

By identifying the business key competencies, the brand will be able to gain efficiencies and create market differentiation. Based on this fact, there are higher chances of a positive launch for these renowned brands.

All of these companies possess very high brand equity and they are relevant in a luxury niche that could succeed in the hospitality industry. Here we might discuss in more detail the last three points. For example, Colgate, a brand synonymous with dental care products, failed when it extended its brand to food products.

Among the various types of organic growth strategies, a brand development approach highlights existing and new brand and product opportunities. One of the key reasons: Most people associate minty-flavored toothpaste with Colgate, and that association was a barrier to the successful adoption of Colgate foods.

Ask consumers whether their opinion of the parent would be lowered if the new brand extension were available. Yet their potential for success might also be questioned. You might be thinking: The answer is simple, and yet exciting: Sign in with one of your preferred accounts below: Why Extend Your Brand?

The biggest brand extension pitfalls fall into this category. Until then, we will continue analyzing whether their adventure will be successful or not.

Vincent-Wayne Mitchell and Daniel J. Thus, the first step is to have a Brand Equity measurement in place in order to track possible future impacts.

This strategy is more common for firms whose current brand equity is strong enough to influence existing customer base and brand loyalty to increase profits with the new product category offering. A four-star hotel located in Zurich that closed two and a half years later?

Real-World Education for Modern Marketers

On the other hand, there are a number of examples in the market of how even the most well-known and positioned brand might fail in this adventure. However, more often than not, managers utilise their own perceptions of the core brand as the benchmark to determine if a brand extension has the potential to fit with the brand.

Measure the potential risks Run a scenario analysis to identify the positive or negative effects on the business and brand equity. Will West Elm and Restoration Hardware leverage its furniture know-how and integrate it successfully in the hospitality industry?

Well, there are many variables involved in having a successful brand extension. Brands should not be stretched to too many diverse categories risking dilution in the long run.

Brand Extension

Brand extensions that could create confusion or a negative image for the parent should not be undertaken. Membership is required to access the full version of this how-to marketing article The success of the brand communicates a message of value and serves as an acceptable standard.

There are many ways companies can extend the popularity and reputation of their brand into new territories. Many brand extensions are simply bad business ideas. Measure Brand Equity One of the biggest concerns when implementing brand extensions is the risk of causing brand dilution, that is, when the new product category fails and presents a negative impact on the brand as a whole.This lesson takes a look at brand extension for Teachers for Schools for How to Create a Digital Marketing Plan Brand Extension: Definition, Strategy, Failures & Examples Related.

6 Vital Steps for Brand Extension Success make sure to understand prospect and current customers and estimate their acceptance for potential brand acceptance.

Use marketing research also to test the possible new brand extensions. make sure you develop a brand management plan and a compelling go-to-market strategy that will connect with.

View Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Google from MASS COMMU HSA at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi. Brand Extension Marketing Plan for Google.

This brand extension will increase the market share for Starbucks by furthering their brand name in grocery stores or retail stores. Objectives The main marketing objectives for the Strawberry Lemonade Crystals are as follows.

6 Vital Steps for Brand Extension Success

1. Executive Summary. The following marketing plan forms the basis for the introduction of an innovative new product by Snyder’s-Lance Inc. This analysis allows me to outline the best strategies to follow for the achievement of the company’s strategic goals.

Jul 08,  · Brand Management - nderstanding the way consumers evaluate whether or not a brand extension fits with a core brand is central to the success of the brand extension. Often, marketers misunderstand the way.

Brand extension marketing plan
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