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Many departments and programs bring thesis students together in seminar courses or colloquia in which they meet regularly to discuss current literature, research methodologies, and their own progress. Spend some time with them in our College senior thesis Plaza. Focused on keeping campus lush forever, we plant between 50 and 75 new trees every year from a variety of species.

The student is guided in this process by the thesis advisor. There are more than 27 art galleries, a dozen museums, and nine theatres within 25 miles of Carthage. In psychology, for example, a major may undertake a long-term service-learning project as an alternative to a thesis.

Learn about the Carthage core. More than 96 percent of each graduating class completes a senior thesis. Carthage students then work with the writer to stage it. A new option, Carthage Cash, even covers some off-campus meals. Our Great Lake provides Carthage students with some amazing views.

Imagine presenting your original research at an international conference — as an undergraduate. Things look new at Carthage because they are. Such an effort requires that the student possess an excellent understanding of the subject area, its theoretical underpinnings, and its research methodology.

Grab a morning coffee and a snack and Starbucks or Einstein Bros. Every J-Term, hundreds of students travel all over the world on faculty-led study tours.

They will also know who you want to be — and how to get you there. This is where the magic happens. Think classes on the beach, lake views from the lab, and sunrises from your dorm room.

Qualified students may occasionally undertake a joint thesis in which two students collaborate on one project. See how easy it is to get involved. Carthage stands behind it. Two professors from totally different fields teaching a single class.

With a student-faculty ratio of Learn more about current opportunities. The faculty believes that a Bates senior is well-educated and well-prepared to undertake a significant research, service, performance, or studio project in the final year of study in the major.

Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience offers select students a research budget, one-on-one mentoring with a professor, and 10 weeks of analyzing, deciphering — and getting paid. Carthage is ranked No.

Learn more about The Tower. Learn more about our location. Our athletic and recreation center, student union, computer labs, audiovisual production suite, and numerous residence halls have all been constructed or newly renovated in the last 10 years.

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Carthage offers majors, minors and concentrations in more than 50 areas of studyfrom archaeology to athletic training, neuroscience to music theatre. Several departments and programs require students to deliver formal presentations of their thesis work. Info for Seniors Senior Thesis One of the most important components of the Bates curriculum is the senior thesis, which is offered in all departments and programs and required by most.

After that, tackle a contemporary social, economic, or political problem. Some departments and programs offer or require thesis work that includes theatrical or musical performance, video production, curriculum development, or studio art work and exhibition.

Carthage was founded in Secretary of State John Hay was a Carthage alum. Lately, the stakes have risen. Carthage is dedicated to undergraduate research.

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Abraham Lincoln was an early Trustee of the College, and U. Lots of schools wear the four-year label. The two still have a proud place on our campus.The Biology Department senior thesis represents the culmination of your biology education at Pomona.

What is the Senior Exercise in Biology? The biology senior exercise consists of the identification of an interesting, unsolved question in biology and the formulation of an original, testable hypothesis.

Senior Thesis Writing Guides The senior thesis is typically the most challenging writing project undertaken by undergraduate students. The writing guides below aim to introduce students both to the specific methods and conventions of writing original research in their area of concentration and to effective writing process.

By fall semester of senior year the Honors Thesis Proposal Form must be signed by your Honors Faculty Advisor and your Submit a final paper copy of your thesis to the Honors College together with at least one signature sheet with the approvals of your Thesis Completion Timeline You have your thesis topic and supervisor, now the real.

Your senior thesis can take the form of a research project, art exhibit, music recital, portfolio, or better yet, something no one has ever seen before — including you.

All students must complete a senior thesis in order to graduate, but don’t worry: Your faculty thesis advisor will guide you in your research, assist you with research techniques, and. Many students think, wrongly, that in order to do a senior thesis they have to come up with a wholly new idea.

But, in many cases, the most successful projects are expansions, reworkings, and further explorations of previous course papers. Members of the Class of and their senior thesis topics, alphabetically by department.

College senior thesis
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