Converting thesis into book

Guest Post: How to Turn Your MA or PHD Thesis into a Popular Book

You have to please your committee to get a Ph. A number of academics who have become successful writers for a general audience have gained great benefit from joining a writing class in order to develop their writing skills, to enhance their audience awareness, and to unlearn the unfortunate writing habits instilled during their academic training.

Publishers must keep their production costs low, and this means they want shorter books. English essays for school students pdf creative writing seminar western australia research paper in teacher education creativity in education essay couvent des minimes perpignan expository essays?

The public can read for itself into the converted book. Constantly consider how you present your argument so that you effectively communicate core ideas.

You must show that you know the literatures. No matter how plodding, difficult, or messy it is — or how elegant and stimulating — they must get through the lot, as that is their job.

The public is not Converting thesis into book to know that he or she worked hard to present the research. Take a look at those books and see what their main selling points seem to be.

You have an agenda, and that is publishing an influential, high-profile book with a top press. As you rewrite you must move firmly away from the usual impersonal, abstract academic style.

Get rid of the original assuming you are writing for an English-speaking audience and give the source of the translation. For this reason, I often suggest to newly completed DRs that they consider starting their thinking about a book at the end of the thesis, with the findings and conclusion.

The public need not be told, how many books, newspapers, journals and websites did the researcher visit during the course of his research. Remove all academic scaffolding In a thesis, the examiners expect you to explain what you are setting out to do, and how you are going to go about doing it, before you actually do it.

Your friend is in another field altogether and knows little or nothing about your particular speciality, but is curious to know more about what you do. All you have to do is repurpose it. That is, you must decide what the most interesting or important issues or themes are, and concentrate on these, ruthlessly discarding the more peripheral material.

The aim is to pass the examination and gain a degree on which the student is enrolled. It can get this important information in the bibliography at the end of the book. Follow your own star, defend your positions, compromise when you must, and move on as efficiently as you can.

As such, it follows a particular form, and the writing has to do particular kinds of work. No, Maria, I do not. Rather than ask what to get rid of, it makes sense first to ask what must be kept.

You have to argue that the research contributes to knowledge. To make your research accessible to them, you might need to reconfigure the main theme of your thesis.

An inadvertent mistake could, if caught, damage the credibility or, if not caught, be reproduced by other scholars. One reason to trip is to convert the documentation from a proof of expertise into an aid to the reader.

Converting thesis into book

So he explains in his thesis the methodology he adopted in the course of his work. Writing to help your writing: In the meantime, put extra effort into a catchy, appealing Introduction and Conclusion. The thesis chapters are probably not it.

It had some naughty pictures. Why should you turn your dissertation into a book, you ask?

From Dissertation to Book

You need to jailbreak your research from the library and make it accessible to the largest potential audience. The reader of a book, on the other hand, is not concerned about the same set of things. Conceptualize and write the entire thing remembering that these sections, while critical to your committee, are short-lived.

The most important tasks in rewriting a thesis are to: This is the most important check list, prior to presenting the book proposal to the editor.

Combine short chapters and break up long ones.Transform your Dissertation into a Book The solution is to have us transform your dissertation so you can then approach academic presses that. Length is another important consideration when converting a dissertation into a book.

Publishers prefer shorter books, not only because they are cheaper to produce but also because they have broader appeal. The Thesis and the. Book: A Guide for First-Time Academic Authors.

Toronto: University of Toronto Press, Luey, Beth. Ed. I turned it into the book “Data Science: Concepts and Skills” It is the first Persian-language book of its kind.

The book carried over some parts of my MA thesis, specifically a literature review and a summary of the data analysis section. My Top Five Tips for Turning Your Dissertation Into a Book–A Special Request Post — 52 Comments Thanks for offering so much insight through your blog.

I have completed my book proposal for my phd thesis that i have been working on for some time. I need to include a sample chapter. I was thinking to include one of my empirical chapters.

First, recognize that turning your dissertation into a book is one of the hardest things you’ll ever be asked to do in your career. It’s a long, arduous, and often solitary process, requiring hours of work and multiple drafts.

The process by which a dissertation becomes a book has several intermediate stages, the most important of which is the transformation from one kind of unpublished manuscript into another, that is, from an unpublished Ph.D.


Converting thesis into book
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