Cremation the wrong choice essay

Consider how God will resurrect any of the dead. In selecting aspects of a traditional burial service, Shaw"s mood is revealed as ambivalent toward cremation by imposing recalled fragments of ground burial for contrast. Jesus was buried and was raised again. There is no command to bury, and there is no prohibition to cremate.

Burial is a much more beautiful picture of that than cremation is. The dark humor associated with the horrid details of disposing of his mother"s physical body are eventually reconciled with an understanding that her spirit lives on.

Therefore, what believers do is entirely a matter of personal choice. However, the fact that a body has been cremated does not make it any more difficult for God to resurrect that body. The Catholic Church allows its members to be cremated, but said that their ashes must not be scattered at sea or placed in an urn at home.

At the same time, the Old Testament law nowhere commands that a deceased human body not be burned, nor does it attach any curse or judgment on someone who is cremated.

That is true whether we will be buried or cremated; but as Christians we love to follow the example of Christ, even in this.

The quality of humor unites Shaw and his mother in a bond that transcends the event of death and helps Shaw understand that her spirit will never die. Environmental Protection Agency conducted 10 test cremations to determine the optimum temperature for cremation, in order to minimize smoke, dust and gas emissions.

While cremation was common among Romans and Greeks, Christians soon started to bury their dead, just like the Jews had always done.

By following the narrator"s personal journey, certain truths about death and eternity are understood. Therefore the body needs to be treated with respect. An order is provided for farewells from the initial "I went behind the scenes at the end of the service" to later "when we returned" from the hour and a half to "and that merry episode was the end except for Cremation is not wrong, but burial is a better picture of the Christian hope of resurrection.

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God simply did not decree a right or wrong about this subject. Burning of bodies and objects in ancient Israel were mostly reserved for idols, criminals or enemies: This triggered a movement towards cremation in Europe and North America, which has continued to the present day.

For many people, a funeral and the ensuing interment is an opportunity to show one final act of love and respect for the deceased. The word cremation comes from the Latin word cremo which means "to burn" - particularly the burning of the dead.

Inthe Roman Catholic Church officially banned cremations. The Eastern Orthodox ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople stated in that: The Bible neither condemns nor condones cremation There is nothing in Scripture that indicates that the modern practice of cremation is inappropriate.

Strangely fascinated, he begins to wonder exactly what happens when one is cremated. Some people are concerned whether cremation stems from pagan religious practices, but as previously noted, the Bible neither condemns nor condones the practice.

We await the Final Day, when Christ will call us out of the grave.

We ask you, humbly, to help us.

However, all through history believers have preferred burial over cremation. Ultimately, the fate of the wicked is to become ashes under the feet of the righteous Malachi 4: Additionally, memorial services with kolyva boiled wheat are not allowed in such instances, inasmuch as the similarity between the "kernel of wheat" and the "body" has been intentionally destroyed.Free Essay: Cremation vs.

Burial Today the society is looking for ways to ease life and to find solutions for problems which oppress our lives and make it. Essay CREMATION In a written exerpt from a letter about the cremation of his mother, George Bernard Shaw recalls her "passage" with humor and understanding. The dark humor associated with the horrid details of disposing of his mother"s physical body are eventually reconciled with an understanding that her spirit lives on.

Cremation does nothing but “expedite” the process of turning a body into dust. God is equally able to raise a person’s remains that have been cremated as He is the remains of a person who was not cremated.

Essay Topics. Area & Country Studies Essays (1, ) Cremation: The Wrong Choice. One of the great Bible doctrines which has almost been forgotten in the last few years is the sanctity of the Christian's body.

This text plainly states that our bodies are not our own to do with as we please. They belong to God because of creation and redemption.5/5(2). For our feature on the increasing popularity of cremation around the country, TIME sent photographer Lars Tunbjörk deep into the American heartland to chronicle the goings-on at three separate.

Is Cremation Wrong? Saturday April 3rd, About 2 Minutes to Read. Home» Ask a Bible Teacher» Is Cremation Wrong? Q. I was wondering does the Word say anything about cremation, if it is right or wrong? I have been thinking of having myself cremated when I die.

My family does not need the added expense of a funeral.

Cremation the wrong choice essay
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