Dal lake

The PIL, Dal lake inhas resulted in a number of directives from the court to the funding and implementing agencies and the case is continuing. The complex land use pattern of the valley is reflected in the urbanised Srinagar in its north, with rice fieldsorchards and gardens in the lower slopes, and barren hills beyond steep sloping hills.

Kashmir houseboat and shikara[ edit ] Left: Other macrophytes discerned in different zones of the lake include Typho angustata, Phragmites australisMyriophyllumSparganium evectum and Myriophyllum verticillatumwhich contribute to the production of macrophites. Due to neglect, only three tombstones are currently visible, one of which bears an inscription that is only partially legible.

This plan is now under implementation with the financial assistance of the Government of India. The Dachigam Telbal Nallah system is conjectured to follow two major lineaments. There are plenty of fishes in Dal Lake and fishery is the second largest industry of the region centered on the lake.

While some geologists believe that the origins of Dal Lake lie in the Pleistocene Oligotrophic Lake that once covered the entire valley of Kashmir, others just believe it to be a flood plain lake.

Kashmir Dal Lake

There is an island in the middle of Bod Dal known as Sona Lank. The water table cuts the hill slopes, which is evidenced by the occurrence of numerous springs in the valley. Dal lake Interest Litigations PILs have been filed in court demonstrating the environmental dangers posed to the lake by sewage, wastes and effluents.

The shikara is also used to provide for other sightseeing locations in the valley, notably a cruise along the Jhelum River, offering scenic views of the Pir Panjal mountains and passing through the famous seven bridges and the backwaters en route. The caseway carries the water supply pipeline to the Srinagar city in the east.

Houseboats on Dal Lake are a popular accommodation option. They basically constitute of matted vegetation and earth, but are floating.

Founded in the reign of the Mughul emperor Akbar the Greatit was built in a scenic location on the banks of the Dal as a cemetery for eminent Dal lake. A modern ceiling covers the inner sanctum and a Persian inscription traces its origin to the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan. The Hazratbal Shrine Urdu: Dal Lake lily pads.

An unexplored hilly heaven near Srinagar which you should visit this season Dal Lake has an average depth of almost 5 ft and a maximum depth of 20 ft.

Kazmi Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee and in charge of the Environmental Engineering Lab believe that deforestation in the catchment of Dal and Telbal stream may have led to more nitrogen and phosphorus-rich run-off, further aiding eutrophication.

The shores of the Lake houses the distinct Moghul monuments and the campus of the Kashmir University while the two hillocks overlooking the lake house Shankaracharya and Hari Parbat temples.

Fishermen use a locally manufactured cast net which comprises six parts with a diameter of 6 metres. It is also the second largest lake in the State of Jammu and Kashmir with numerous gardens and orchards all along its shores. The houseboats have been referred to as, "each one a little piece of England afloat on Dal.

These marshy lands have since been reclaimed and converted into large residential complexes. The valley also has a rich cultivation of crops such as paddy, wheat and fodder. While the boats are a part of daily life on the lake and used for a slew of purposes including transporting people and goods, it has become very popular with tourists.

Dal Lake is lined by gardens built in the Mughal era and many parks. Srinagar is famous for its non-vegetarian delicacies like rogan gosht, gushtaba, rishta, tabakmaaz, kanti, etc.Daltile offers wall tile and tile flooring products ranging from ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, stone tile and slabs – over locations nationwide.

Sep 17,  · We had a boat trip in Dal lake. It is very nice. all of us enjoyed the beauty around the lake. while on a trip, some boats will join you to sell, saffron, toys and plants/5(K).

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Dal Lake, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. K likes. Dal is a lake in Srinagar (Dal Lake is a misnomer as Dal in Kashmiri means lake), the summer capital /5(). Dal Lake has rightfully become an icon of the Kashmir tourism industry. A Himalayan urban lake, it has five basins and a number of channels that are.

Dal Lake is a small mid-altitude lake (1, m above sea level) near the village of Tota Rani in Kangra district (Himachal Pradesh) in northern killarney10mile.com name 'Dal Lake' is taken from Kashmir's Dal Lake.

The lake is surrounded by deodar trees and is considered to be a sacred spot as there is small Shiva mandir (shrine) on its bank. There are different Location: Kangra district Village Tota Rani. Over 15km around, Dal Lake is Srinagar's jewel, a vast sheet of water reflecting the carved wooden balconies of the houseboats and the misty peaks of the Pir Panjal mountains.

Flotillas of gaily painted shikaras (gondola-like taxi boats) skiff around the lake, transporting goods to market, children.

Dal lake
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