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Some of the laws administered by the DOL include laws that protect the rights of workers, such as, safe and favorable working conditions minimum wage rate and Department of labor essay bonus liberty from discrimination unemployment cover insurance and other income support services United States Department of Labor, Describe the major features of this Website and how each feature can be used to monitor employee benefits The objectives of the Department of Labor DOL are multifaceted.

The freely shared and continuously monitored information on rules, regulations, laws, and guidance is available right from the home page in various forms including videos, picture highlights, webpage links, and other files like pdf files.

Employers as well rely on the DOL website to verify whether their employees benefits comply with the federal laws. There is therefore need to seek expert support in time in order to the lower risk of liability occasioned by non-compliance or avoidable errors Corporate Synergies, Employees in group health plans are at risk of being victimized over preexisting conditions, discrimination, and inflexible plans USDOL, The comprehensive EBSA compliance assistance information helps employers and employee plan officials to understand, hence comply with the ERISA provisions regarding employee retirement, health, and other benefit plans.

News and reports serve as updates on various issues related to labor. The Act requires only those that meets the criterion for acquiring these employment benefits, thus, the employer is excluded.

Next, it elucidates how the employees rely on this website in verify the security of their benefits. Compliance assistance materials provided include various relevant Acts, employment law guide ERISA provisionsvarious reporting and disclosure procedures, and benefits claims and appeals procedures.

Latest statistical figures are also provided. United States Department of Labor. Through the Department of Labor website, employees are able to attain their rights, such as The right to job security, right to sue employers for unplanned dismissal, right for employment equality and so forth, For instance, the employment discrimination provisions empowers the employees to claim for equity in their particular workplaces regardless of their social status, nationality, gender, race, ethnicity and so forth.

The bodies that provide compliance information include those that formulate the regulations and those that enforce and protect them USDL, Moreover, legal advice is provided in E-laws homepage to help employers and employees in their decision-making USDLE, This will be beneficial since employees can establish various issues pertaining to their benefits like a variety of benefits entitled to them by comparing information from various sources.

As well, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires that those persons responsible for managing plans must comply with particular standards of behavior.

Cobra also empowers the employees and their families to decide on whether to continue or cease from continuing with health coverage.

Information provided in the website is, thus, useful since it gives clear directions on steps to be taken to ensure a cover is available for everyone. In addition, the Department of Labor guarantees favorable working conditions for all the employees within the United States as well as create opportunities for productive employment.

Sampled questions from visitors and FAQs button respond to concerns raised and provide general information on various issues perceived valuable to any visitor. State county Quick facts Allegany County, N. Explain how employers could verify that their employee benefits comply with all federal laws by using this resource.

E-tools available include advice on health benefit issues as directed by the specified e-laws USDLE, The two features serve to update the users on latest developments and changes related to rates and legislations about their benefits.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. For any visitor to the website, virtually all information on labor and other related areas is available and can be used to analyze other information.

Furthermore, DOL strives to enhance working conditions and create opportunities for the unemployed population. Health Plans and Benefits.The United States Department of Labor (DOL) website,, describes various features of the services that the department offers as pertaining to employment, labor organizations, and labor laws in the United States.

Funded Retirement Research Papers; Funded Health and Welfare Research Papers United States DEPARTMENT OF LABOR.

United States DEPARTMENT OF LABOR. DOL Home; Employee Benefits Security Administration. Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) EBSA Home; Ask EBSA; About EBSA.

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About EBSA. About. Young workers employed on small farms, with parental consent, are also exempt from the child labor provisions of the FLSA. For more information on exemptions from the child labor provisions of the FLSA in agriculture, click the underlined text.

United States Department of Labor Case Study Hector Ortiz Dr. Davis HRM Strayer University December 12, The focus of this paper is to analyze the united states of labor website.

United States Department of Labor Case Study

First, the paper indentifies the various features of the website, and uses the features in discussing the various benefits entitled to the employees. The FLSA established the minimum wage, overtime (time-and-a-half pay for covered workers after 40 hours of weekly work) and child labor laws.

It is administered by the. US DEPARTMENT OF LABOR CASE STUDY Total Rewards HRM December 2, The purpose of this paper is to provide information about the United States Department of Labor (DOL) website. This Website communicates the current regulations and federal involvement in employee benefit.

Department of labor essay
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