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Cases involving libel often hinge on whether the actor was or was not a member of the "press".

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Hayes case the Supreme Court of the United States invalidated the use of the First Amendment as a defense for reporters summoned to testify before a grand jury. These citizen reporters may come in the form of tourists carrying cameras or businessmen carrying phones and laptops with wireless internet connections.

Therefore I would like to investigate if the new form of news reporting has a clear impact on the quality, subjects and veracity of the news, and also on the way the news is framed and appears in newspapers or social media.

This was happening throughout the s, however, once the mid s began, the introduction of technologies such as the smartphone increased the ability to access the internet and made it so that individuals were able to use it globally and on the go. This is hard though, as many news companies are facing budget cuts and cannot afford Essay about citizen journalism pay journalists the proper amount for the amount of work they do.

The association through its President Maurice Ali have published studies and articles on citizen journalism, attended and spoken at UNESCO [67] and United Nations events [68] [69] as advocates of citizen journalism worldwide. It strongly encourages citizens to share their own stories on the website.

Proponents and facilitators[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. As society continues to move forward in a digital age new possibilities in the realm of technology emerge and can be associated with the journalism industry.

Challenges such as one-sided views in politics and current affairs, publications of defamatory material frequent in citizen journalism practices tarnish journalism and portray professional journalist in bad light. I would not limit my research to Belgium journalism and do a worldwide research because the emerging use of Internet as a news-reporting site is not only a local phenomenon.

With such journalism, audience becomes journalists. It gives average people the ability to transmit information globally.

However, recently there has been a decline in the amateur news blogger due to social media platforms that are much easier to run and maintain.

The impact of citizen journalism on professional journalism Although some professional journalists criticise citizen journalism for understandable reasons, it is nevertheless important to note that the two types of journalism sustain a collaborative relationship that can be qualified as vertical.

Alternative journalism plays the multiple roles of exposing corruption, encouraging accountability, documenting abuses of power, and giving alternative views on local and international current affairs. These characteristics were due to the invention of the internet, which, made way for amateur and citizen journalist to make a name for themselves within the industry.

New devices such as Virtual Realityopen new avenues, which media companies and people will be able to participate with journalism. These persons are randomly placed near the scene of many incidents the particulars of which very soon find their way to weblogs, discussion boards, independent podcasts, and even individual television news stations.

This rise of participation can be associated with the creation of the internet which introduced new ways in communicating and engaging news. Another article published on Pressthink examined Backfence, a citizen journalism site with three initial locations in the D.

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The benefits have also been evident in the most recent national tragedy, in which students have played the major role in bringing the immediacy of the tragedy to the attention of the public. It has particularly played an important role of educating and informing the population and the outside world on the social protest during the Arab spring when foreign media were banned from reporting.Citizen journalism is an important form of media because it can provide evidence of an event and give a community another side of a story.

Citizen journalism is the concept of average citizens playing an active role in the media. Blogging, social networks and participatory news sites have helped to contribute to the growth of citizen journalism. INTRODUCTION. Online citizen journalism is a hot topic that has been happened around us but there have numerous perceptive or opinion regarding the definition and meaning derived from a various sources.

Introduction. Also known as grassroots, networked, open source, participatory, hyper-local, bottom-up, stand-alone and distributed journalism, citizen journalism is a concept based on the active participation of readers, viewers and listeners in the process of gathering, selecting, analysing and broadcasting news and information.

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Citizen journalism Essay

Citizen journalism is the concept of average citizens playing an active role in the media. Blogging, social networks and participatory news sites have helped to contribute to the growth of citizen journalism.

Citizen journalism essay.

Citizen journalism

Citizen journalism is also known under the term participatory journalism, and can be defined as acts of the ordinary individual that contribute to the gathering, analysis and distribution of matter that is .

Essay about citizen journalism
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