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Finally "law as a set of rules" was shown in this case because the court decided that Susan Smith broke one of the various rules set by society and she must be punished for it.

Men and women Essay on susan smith feel safer jogging or doing responsibilities at night. The pain, the torment, and the immense suffering these loved ones go through because of the actions of these cruel criminals.

Someone commits a heinous crime, and everything but the criminal is blame, it was a cruel childhood, abusive parents, in my mind, if you commit a crime, and then you are a criminal.

Because of this incident programs have now been opened throughout the United States and Canada to provide support and assistance for troubled families. She drove northeast of Union for about 4 miles. Both Susan and her ex-husband also faced the cameras in an emotional cry for help.

Smith, the father of the two, broken up by the ruling said, Me and my family are disappointed that the death penalty was not the verdict, but it wasn t our choice. Police and prosecutors played a major role in uncovering holes in Susan Smith"s story of the abduction.

Susan then got out of the car and watched as the cabin of the car filled up with the freezing cold water eventually drowning the two.

No matter how hard and pathetic you think your life is, or how badly society treats you, you made the decision to break the law-nobody made the decision for you.

Smith said she asked if she should pull over, but the man said for her to stop in the middle of the road. We live in a day and age where killing happens everyday, and many get away with it.

The actions of Susan Smith will never be forgotten, especially by those who live in Union, South Carolina. Flowers were left near the lake by mourners and many felt the need to hold their children for a while during this time.

Thousands everywhere had no idea how someone could be filled with so much despair as to step so far over the line of right and wrong and murder her own two sons.

It is hard to figure out how someone could kill his or her own children. She claimed that she begged for the release of her two children, who were still strapped in the back seat, but it was to no avail. The Disgust of a Nation New York: The Jury only explained that she would suffer more through her despair, but does that justify the short-lived lives of two completely harmless, defenseless and innocent children A person may think it is immoral to kill someone no matter what they have done.

Children could feel safe playing in their yards. Click here to buy a custom term paper. Nine Days in Union South Carolina: I articulate it is retributive justice to take the life in turn for the taking of another life, it could be argued that a criminal is not able to learn a lesson since he dies as an immediate result of the punishment.

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One thing that is certain is that it left a scar on society, and had an impact on their social and legal views.On the night of October 25, Susan Smith took the lives of her two sons. Susan Smith committed the most unthinkable act when she broke humanity’s most sacred trust, the love of a mother for her children (Crime Library).

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Susan Smith had been convicted of killing her two children but what really happened that night. On the night of October 25, she came to the Shore of John D. Long Lake, Susan drove across a portion of the seventy-five-foot boat ramp and parked her burgundy Mazda Protà ©gà © in the middle of the ramp/5(2).

Case Study: Susan Smith Case Study: Susan Smith Description of the case Susan Leigh Vaughan Smith is an American woman who was convicted for murdering her two children, three year old Michael Daniel Smith and fourteen month old Alexander Tyler Smith.

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A Psychoanalytic Theory of the Behavior of Susan Smith Who Murdered Her Two Children PAGES 6. WORDS 1, View Full Essay. More essays like this: Sign up to view the complete essay.

Show me the full essay. Show me the full essay. View Full Essay. This is the end of the preview. Essay on Susan Smith - a) Childhood and background (family life, friends) Susan Leigh Vaughan Smith, born on September 26thwas an American woman who was sent to serve life in prison for the murder of her two sons: one 3 year old, Michael Daniel Smith, and one month old, Alexander Tyler Smith.

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