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After talking of this Catherine goes gets Eddie a cigar. Marco, who will not allow any harm to his family, neutralises the one tactic, physical violence, Eddie can use on Rodolfo.

Miller begins the scene begins with a simple conversation about a recent trip to Africa which Marco and Rodolfo had undergone through work.

By doing this, to some extent, he is patronising Rodolpho as he treats him as a physically inferior being. The tension aroused in Act 1 is crucial for the rest of the play. At the beginning Miller uses detailed and specific stage directions to create a strong idea in the audiences mind of the simple, happy atmosphere needed to create this scene, an example of his stage directions is: At the start of the play Catherine has a great deal of respect for Eddie and obeys his every order however in this scene she gets very aggravated about the way he is treating Rodolpho so she takes a stand of rebellion.

Miller creates a scene of mixed tension in Essay view bridge tension first part of act one which features an intimate triangle of three characters living in a claustrophobic environment.

How does Miller build tension in Act 1 in A View from the Bridge?

The cousins arrive in a scene of mixed emotions but are welcomed into the Carbone household. Eddie is challenging and mocking Rodolfo in a way that only Marco notices. This is evident right from the opening of the play where Eddie is complementing Catherine on her new look.

As well as being the narrator Alfieri helps the dramatic tension by filling in the gaps of the plot and drives the storyline along. This image of Catherine lighting the cigar is quite provocative thereby provoking quite blatant sexual imagery.

Eddie looks at her, aware of her criticising force. This is where the ports are near the Brooklyn Bridge that is the gateway to Manhattan. The tension in this circumstance is built by the changing mood of the scene in such a short time. To Eddie with a certain gleam and smile: In turn Marco protects his younger brother and shows Eddie that he knows what his intentions are and that he refuses to accept them.

Initially Eddie has taken the manly role in trying to get Rodolpho to box. Its little actions like these that trigger the tension between Eddie and the two immigrants. In Act 2 it becomes clear that Eddie due to the tension between him and Marco and Rodolpho has resorted to the pettiest measures to get what he wants.

He also digs at Rodolpho that he is disrespectful and stealing Catherine. Rodolfo then helps her: When other characters do not conform to his ideas of manliness it leads to conflict, as is the case with Rodolfo. What kinda job, what do you mean? He fears that if he engages in any romantic way with Beatrice his true feelings will spill out.

Eddies final dig at Rodolpho is when he challenges him to a fight.

Eddie a straightforward and uncomplicated longshoreman; his wife Beatrice who is down-to-earth; and their niece Catherine who they care for. Even Beatrice, Eddies wife, picks up on what he is doing and turns against him. When individual characters consult Alfieri during the play he tends to leave them feeling confused, they also have a tendency to feel unsure about what they should do and they are unaware of their own feelings.

Eddie initially felt masculine and superior; however any sort of superiority seems to be lost as Rodolpho can torture him with his relationship with Catherine. Miller creates dramatic tension via the use of the characters Eddie and Catherine and their relationship together.

Again, the atmosphere heightens the tension. It shows the relationships in the play and how some have strengthened while some characters have driven others away. Marco simply lifts a chair awkwardly above his head and holds it there, something, which Eddie is unable to do. The play is a bloody tragedy that is developed by Miller using dramatic techniques which climaxes with the pitiful death of Eddie after he betrays the Italian relatives.

The Carbone family consists of: In this manner the events that go in front of our eyes carry a greater significance while we also gain a better understanding of emotions as we are able to see the Actors faces. Catherine immediatley rushes to his side, this shows a change in loyalty from Catherine.

The play is set in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This gives the audience a clear image of the home, it is a content place.Free Essay: Tension in Arthur Miller's A View From the Bridge In “A View From the Bridge”, Arthur Miller explores a variety of themes in the relationships.

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Trace the development of dramatic tension in this scene from the apparently innocuous conversation around the meal table to the closing tableau of the chair lifting episode which concludes the act This scene is the last in act one and is an important scene for building up drama and tension between the characters - Dramatic.

In this essay I am going to discuss how tension is created in the play “A View from the Bridge” written by Arthur Miller, but more specifically how tension. Check out our top Free Essays on Tension A View From A Bridge to help you write your own Essay.

Dramatic Tension in a View from the Bridge Essay

Act 1 Tension in "A View From the Bridge" Essay - The title of the play is “A view from the bridge and it was written by Arthur Miller in during the post war period. A post-war period is the interlude immediately after the beginning of a war and continues for as long as another war does not happen.

During this period migration was very. Check out our top Free Essays on A View From The Bridge Dramatic Tension to help you write your own Essay.

Essay view bridge tension
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