Forest maintaing ecological balance

Harmony emerged slowly in both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. It has been suggested that redundancy provides long term resilience to ecosystems. Human activities through agriculture, industry, and in our homes add millions of tons of nutrients into waters, soils and the atmosphere causing major changes to ecosystems and species composition.

Ecological potential of forestal species[ edit ] The ecological potential of a particular species is a measure of its capacity to effectively compete in a given geographical area, ahead of other species, as they all try to occupy a natural space.

Harmony in nature is diverse, pervasive and persistent, existing at all levels necessary to the maintenance of the whole. Due to hunting habits of man, the numbers of lions in Africa were drastically reduced during the times of the Romans.

Forest maintaing ecological balance primary producers are so large and diverse trees, shrubs, herbs as to create habitat both within themselves and as 3-D ecosystems [Function 16] for all manner of terrestrial life.

Control the Population In nature, predators prevent species from over populating. However, as the term forest connotes an area inhabited by more than one organismforest ecology most often concentrates on the level of the populationcommunity or ecosystem. This has grave consequences for the health of the Ecosphere.

Mooney, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function, Berlin: Essays in Ecology, Edmonton: Forest Food Webs For example: Many animals live in freshwater and marine sediments and help bring about a constant mixing of sediment and nutrients from deeper layers.

Sustainable forest management

Much of the communication taking place in nature cannot even be sensed by humans, except through scientific instruments. Conclusion The ecospheric functions of biodiversity are far more pervasive, diverse and complex than generally realized.

Ecological Balance in Nature

First, all the free oxygen found today is necessary for the life of aerobic biota and for decomposition Function Primary production can sometimes be greatly increased through symbiotic associations among organisms 11 Oxygen Production - Function 2 All free oxygen in the air, water and soils has been slowly generated over billions of years, first by photosynthetic bacteria, then by algae and eventually also by higher plants.

Every parameter is scored between 0 and 5 for each considered species, and then a global mean value calculated. Boreal forests, on the other hand, are biologically much simpler, with as few as one species per hectare for fire-regenerated stands like lodgepole pine in North America.

Stability - Function 17 Evidence of stability as an important ecospheric function has been provided by paleontological and evolutionary research, that has revealed the remarkable staying power of natural communities and many of their component species.

Perhaps more importantly the duff or leaf litter can form a major repository of water storage. The largest certification systems now generally have the same structural programmatic requirements.Explain the role of forest in maintaining the balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

2, 0, 0 Forests therefore have an important ecological function in fixing and storing carbon from the atmosphere. Increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere appears to be one of the factors leading to observed.

Balance of nature

Forests maintain ecological balance in the following ways: 1. Forest provides habitat to different plants and animals. They help in cleaning the environment, maintains micro-climate and water cycle of an area.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Forest Maintaing Ecological Balance. A concerted effort to use natural resources in a sustainable manner will help to protect and maintain ecological balance. Control the Population. In nature, predators prevent species from over populating.

Ways to Maintain Ecological Balance

Unfortunately, humans don't have any natural predators to control the population. It's necessary to take action at the individual level and. Ecological balance is something that at times can be hard to achieve.

With all of the deforestation, pollution and depletion of our world’s naturally occurring resources, finding ways to reduce our ecological footprint can be a difficult and overwhelming task; however, all it takes is a few simple steps for each of us to make a little impact.

Pretty soon the. What role do plants play in ecological balance? What important role do butterflies play in plant reproduction? How does an ecosystem maintain its carrying capacity?

Forest maintaing ecological balance
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