I am the people the mob

They form a collective strength which can shut down any mocking remark made towards them. It is the mob, the common people that execute these wonders. I am the audience that witnesses history.

I am the People, the Mob

The young man convinced Sandburg to enroll in Lombard after his return from the war. What kind of music do you like to play?

Choose 3 — 4 students to share their responses with the class. Your answers should include: How is the worker described? What type of music do you think you would play? Copy of radio photograph Object: What connection can be made between the poem and the radio? What style of poetry did Sandburg use?

How to Analyze an Object I am the people the mob a copy of the photograph of the harmonica Object: He received a second Pulitzer Prize for his Complete Poems in Who would own a radio at this time in history?

Harriet Monroe had just started Poetry: Terrible storms pass over me. Form a human spectrum. He was well-known for his free-verse poems. It is important to remember that although the mayor played the part of a leader, it was the people of Chicago who really led the recovery of the city.

If we share the benefits equally no one can mock our existence and cannot be pretentious of the contribution to the society. Homework Students should choose one 1 of the following activities to complete as their processing assignment. Explain to the class that Mr.

Make a transparency of or use a digital image projected by LCD of the harmonica. While there, he met and married Lillian Steichen whom he called Paulasister of the photographer Edward Steichen.

His famous written biography on Abraham Lincoln has saved him various praises of apt recognition. Serve hot chocolate and pastries to have a coffee shop atmosphere. Using the information you gathered as a group, each of you write a paragraph in which you infer how Sandburg felt about management.

What themes of American life are present? Explain to students that Sandburg traveled around the US as a hobo on trains, exploring and learning about America. The last few lines seem to mock at the condition of the society, and how the poet is enraged by the fact that the makers of the society are the ones ruining it.

They produce necessities to provide for their families and in turn for the benefits of the public.

The poet says that people need to notice the small sacrifices the mob does to raise the living of the city. Bring in lava lamps if available. A colorful description of where you want to go An explanation of why you want to go there A story or song that is important to you and why Use colorful and expressive language to entertain people Be free of spelling and grammar errors Lesson Two: Use the same style of poetry as Sandburg.

While Sandburg attended Lombard for four years, he never received a diploma he would later receive honorary degrees from Lombard, Knox College, and Northwestern University. A Socialist sympathizer at that point in his life, Sandburg then worked for the Social-Democrat Party in Wisconsin and later acted as secretary to the first Socialist mayor of Milwaukee from to Have a blank sheet of white paper to use as magic paper.

I am a prairie that will stand for much plowing. Is management specifically mentioned in the poem? With these three volumes, Sandburg became known for his free verse poems that portrayed industrial America.

The poet is trying to bring forth the struggle of mankind with money and homelessness. The poet tries to engage the masses through literature so that people can feel involved in the revolutionary phase of industrialisation. If not, Is management referred to in the poem?I am the people — the mob — the crowd — the mass.

Do you know that all the great work of the world is done through me? I am the workingman, the inventor, the maker of the world’s food and clothes. I AM the people—the mob—the crowd—the mass. Do you know that all the great work of the world is done through me? I am the workingman, the.

I Am the People, the Mob

am the people, the mob” was published in Chicago Poemsin alongside a collection of poems that pay tribute to the common man. As you read, take notes on how the poet’s use of figurative language. Connections and Analysis I AM THE PEOPLE, THE MOB Theme Artistic Connection Thematic Connection Bilbiography: The theme of this poem is very clear, the author states that the common people are the workers and perform all the great feats in the killarney10mile.comrs and dictators take all the glory but it is the individual citizens that.

© CommonLit. ™ | CommonLit is a (c)(3) non-profit organization. CommonLit is a (c)(3) non-profit organization. Critical Analysis of I am the People- The poem is a workforce anthem to realise the mob of its honest and hardworking nature.

The poet tries to engage the masses through literature so that people can feel involved in the revolutionary phase of industrialisation.

I am the people the mob
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