If you are what you eat then what am i essay

She thinks food identifies you. Kothari feels that due to her inability to cook Indian dishes, she is not Indian.

However, if Kothari had not broken up the story into sections as she did, it would most likely have been even more confusing and incredibly hard to follow. Macaroni and cheese made with fresh cheddar and whole milk, sprinkled with bread crumbs and paprika.

They would have signs of heartburn, diarrhea, red smooth swollen tongue, fatigue, fainting, confusion and even depression. If a patient were to have a poor intake of protein you would encourage the intake of legumes, peas, lentils and peanuts. By the close of her essay she realizes that she is like her parents in her actions and personality, and identity does not necessarily correlate to food.

An unhealthy diet may not appear to be a problem for you today but it will catch up with you eventually. Since most people developing folic acid deficiency are those who are poor. The main summary of this essay revolves around the food choices of Kothari as an Indian-American.

You are what you eat because your health reflects on your diet. More essays like this: Then again, every type of food becomes desirable when one is hungry. With replacing all the fatty food with those that are healthy the patient is slimming down.

People who are usually develop folic acid deficiencies are poorly nourished children and those that are poverty-stricken.

If your diet includes a lot of fatty foods, like many Americans, you may become overweight.

You Are What You Eat Essay Sample

It can be easily agreed that where a person comes from has the ability affect their different food options. Being Indian or being American is tied into the foods you eat. The introduction hooks you as an audience because you want to read more to understand where she is coming from and where she will progress to.

In other words, the beholder is the only one who can taste the sensation that a particular plate has to offer. However, she also feels that she is not American because she cannot prepare American foods either.

You are what you eat is demonstrated when you assess an obese patient that is on a reduced fat diet. Being overweight causes a variety of health problems such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and a decreased life expectancy. Another example of that can be seen in a patient that has just had a major surgery.

Folic acid is needed in times of rapid growth. It sets up the main idea that is flowing throughout the entire essay. In other words a persons culture plays an essential role in the food they consume. Her family, who originally came from India have certain ideals set on how food should taste.

Kothari also made me come to the realization that what I find tasty, may not be tasty to others and culture may play a part in that. Likewise when you look at a frail underweight individual they may have a nutritional problem as well.

She developed an internal struggle and a longing for different tastes. She feels that since she cannot have or make tuna like all of the other children in school, she is not American. Your health depends on what you eat. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

These six food groups compile a balanced diet. On the other hand when doing an assessment you may be able to tell if someone has a folic acid deficiency.

Her thoughts jump around, do not flow, and are not in chronological order. Her mother saw this desire in Kothari and felt the need to learn various America dishs to give her children a sense of belonging to this new culture.

You may not be able to tell if an individual has a calcium deficiency. Kothari is very detailed in her descriptions of the different foods. Also included in a balanced diet are two to three servings of dairy and two to three servings of meats.

After several weeks of a properly balanced diet including meats, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains the patient loses weight.

The intake of dairy keeps you bones healthy.Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Transcript of "If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?" by Geeta Kothari "If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I?" by Geeta Kothari WRITER FACTS Born in India and raised in the U.S.

Sep 19,  · Blog 3- If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I? by Geeta Kothari I think that the introduction to Kothari's narrative works very well for this essay.

It sets up the main idea that is flowing throughout the entire essay. You are what you eat Imagine if you became the very thing that you ate. If your cells mutated into the cells of the very thing that you consumed.

I would say that there would be a lot half-human half-beast walking around, if not already. Sep 20,  · If You Are What You Eat, Then What Am I? by Geeta Kothari Kothari's essay about personal identity struggle masked behind explanations and anecdotes of how food has played a role in shaping her life is presented.

Essay on What You Eat Is Your Business - Should people be held accountable for what they eat. Many believe that it is a matter of public health, but some think that it is the matter of personal responsibility.

you are what you eat essaysPeople are, as the expression goes, what they eat. After all, the muscles in a person’s body, and the blood flowing through their veins, are all supplied by the food that he or she consumes.

If you are what you eat then what am i essay
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