Integration reflection paper

A suggestion that I can think of to make this subject clear on my mind is by having personal activities which could greatly involve leadership styles and qualities. The introduction of the ethical theory and its basic element was a source of great exposition of the course itself as I was able to foresee the basic elements that I was going to deal with in the course and in my future career.

I was able to identify that with proper information dissemination and proper adherence to the health knowledge being Integration reflection paper, the health care economy can surely experience a decrease in the costs that hospitals and insurance systems are being charged of.

Integration and Reflection Essay

How to cite this page Choose cite format: With only the introduction of a more practical aspect in the course work as I had mentioned would ensure that that the optimal results desired from the course are obtained. It is known for a fact that through great leadership, progress is surely next to it.

As I was studying this course, I was able to Integration reflection paper the fact that in order to further understand what is happening in the health care delivery system of the country, I need to check first on the various leadership styles, organizational structures and various types of care that are being utilized by each health care facility.

As a matter of fact, I am proud to state that I am a student in business administration though the knowledge that I have acquired during the course already makes me feel adequate for a managerial position involving the solving of work place problems arising from ethical issues.

For instance using technology, the manager is able to trace the phone calls made by his employees during the office hours and even view the internet sites that they visit.

However, I find it difficult to identify what particular leadership style can be utilized in order to bring progress and to bring equality to all patients and suppliers of the health care delivery system.

In summary, I can say that with the help Integration reflection paper this module I was able to reflect and integrate the course concepts identified. The only thing that I would do differently to perform better next time is to carry out a practical where I would under the guidance of my tutor visit a work environment and assess it for moral problems then deal with it accordingly by giving my recommendations to the management.

This practical approach would work well in ensuring that by the end of the course, I have a feel of the real ethical issues at work apart from the theoretical knowledge gained.

Also, the impacts of patient safety and financial crises on hospitals was then identified and defined. The serious ness attitude that I set for the course ensured that I had to attend all the lectures and have all the notes and the class assignments done.

More Essay Examples on Reflection Rubric As had already been outlined in the previous paragraph, the course is aimed at ensuring that the students develop or sharpen their skills in solving problems related to morals that may arise at the work place. All the six modules that were taught during the course have tremendously worked to the improvement and enrichment of my knowledge base both as a management student and as a future manager.

Did I achieve the course objectives? This is a highly regarded security for me in my future career adventures as I would be very comfortable in handling my positions and the challenges that may arise from them with as much professionalism as possible.

Some of the examples are inclusive of discrimination, affirmative action, sexual harassment, informational privacy, drug testing, business and the environment, ethics in advertising and global ethics.

Various leadership qualities and trends in health care were further explored. In addition, I was able to understand the significance and the contributions that the 21st century healthcare organization has on the health care system. Topics That I Did Not Understand and Improvement Suggestions From a fair point of view, virtually all the topics in the course were carried out diligently and with the required levels of professionalism.

Integration and Reflection

This can be adequately reflected in my course work where I have performed way beyond ordinary. In my future in Integration reflection paper course of my career, I would measure the effects through: This knowledge made me think critically on the solutions that the health care delivery system might need in order to somehow improve its quality of providing care.

As I experienced in the course work and even now, am able to explain the nature of discrimination, the impact of technology on business privacy and explain the major work place safety issues.

Another topic which I think confused me was the different types of leadership styles and qualities that were utilized for the success of healthcare organization. This good record though was slightly affected by the fifth topic which required that we discuss the various deontological considerations that can be used to explain major work place safety issues.

Also, preventive health education will be further explored and implemented among patients, giving greater importance than acute health care because of the long term benefits that preventive measures of avoiding diseases will offer.

Whether or not this is right, has left my knowledge base more developed and exposed as pertains ethical issues and management. Conclusion Just as I may have already implied although the paper, this course has been one of my best ever courses and as a matter of fact, it was the most productive course that I can remember having.

I performed exceptionally which shows that my course learning has been effective. As I go through the lecture notes and modules that I have, I was able to conceptualize various ways that could measure the future effects of the knowledge I learned from this lecture.

They are inclusive of: The nature of privacy really came out as a strong ethical issue to me since the levels of technological advancements that we are waking up to everyday are highly compromising the issue of privacy at the work place. In addition, my skills and abilities to think for possible ways to improve health care delivery system, like the 10 rules identified by IOMwere also enhanced throughout the course.

As is indicated in the course syllabus, the objectives that were expected to be realized by me at the end of the syllabus were all fulfilled. These are the major areas that I have gained not only knowledge in but I have also had skills and I developed as a result of them.

Worldview Integration and Reflection - Essay Example

Managing social and ethical issues in organizations. Incase I would be a manager in my career in the future, the way I would carry out an interview and selection process involving a relative of mine and some other strange candidates would speak volumes of the way I was affected by the topic of discrimination at the work place.

This ensured that I was comfortably satisfied as per the understand ding of the topics was concerned.´╗┐Reflective Essay on Negotiation Abstract This essay is about a reflection of the role play activity in class In this essay, I will analysis about the gaining, the learning gaps and future actions.

In addition, I will take about the difficulty in using influence tactics and evaluate about my performance. IIRP Tips on Writing Reflection Papers A reflection paper is not a summary of the course readings or a stream of conscious mind dump on paper. Essays & Papers Integration and Reflection - Paper Example.

Integration and Reflection introduction.

It is from this broad goal of developing my skills in decision making towards ethical issues that I approached the course. It has so far been an excellent experience for me using utilitarianism and deontological reasoning in solving problems. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Integration Reflection Paper.

Taking up this course, Health System Administration, had contributed a lot of knowledge and information to me as a student who belongs to the health care team. This reflection paper is aimed at discussing the fa ctors contributing to genotoxicity of vector integration, the strategies to reduce the risk associated to insertion al mutagenesis and the assays to.

Integration reflection paper
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