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Lalit and Pimmi, who seem to have pretty lukewarm marital feelings towards each other, bond stronger through the difficulties that this preparation for marriage has taken them through.

Western cultural influence in India is especially notable because Indians generally value the maintenance of uniquely Indian identities. The movie follows the lives of the Verma family, an upper-class family living in Delhi, India, as they prepare for a wedding they have arranged between their daughter, Aditi, and Hemant, a software engineer who lives in Houston and has returned to India to find a wife.

Then, suddenly, out of nowhere it seems, a resolution is found, and everyone ends up happier than ever, friends for life. And Monsoon wedding analysis essays her searching, poetic evocations of Delhi, we see the beginnings of what she would do so heartbreakingly in The Namesake, where she contrasts an India where there are sometimes too many family connections, responsibilities, people, with an America where there are too few.

A wedding is an expensive event, especially if one wants to make a good impression, so Lalit is constantly stressed out about it.

At the center of Monsoon Wedding is a bride who is torn between her illicit affair with a married man and the marriage others have planned for her.

People cheerfully attend assembly-line junk, but are wary of movies that might give them new experiences or take them new places. Consequently, a reasonable high level of education is necessary for Indian viewers to understand the film.

In the very last frame, for the first time ever, upstairs and downstairs, the lord of the festivities and one of the laborers, join together, in a dance. Born in India Monsoon wedding analysis essays raised all around the country, Nair had learned theater—and the streets—while at Delhi University and then, at nineteen, had gone to Harvard to study sociology.

Thus, the mise-en-scene comprises the features of vivid colours, music and costumes that symbolise romance and celebration. Here are bawdy jokes, pudgy boys dancing charmingly with beauties, and eight different characters, by my count, going through some kind of transformation.

She gives us, for example, a quiet and passive-seeming young man who suddenly, in the face of a terrible challenge, finds a wisdom and understanding that humbles us.

Monsoon Wedding Analysis

Here are a kind of Oberon and Titania, surveying all the others as they sleep, in one of the deeply moving and ruminative scenes that remind us that this is more than just a romp. Look at her bare-bones documentary India Cabaret, fromand you see the secret lives of India already being unveiled, and the plight of women seeking independence in a society that still prefers to keep them shackled.

Monsoon Wedding

And this irony is not reflected just in films. Other elements of the film also display the complexities of globalization. It feels somewhat relatable, but at the same time curiously different.

Whereas Western management techniques and business practices were quickly integrated into traditional lifestyles in the growing Indian software industry, most Indians continue to eat indigenous foods, watch local movies and TV, and to wear traditional clothing.

When marigolds were used to decorate the wedding tent and the garden, this is evidence of their traditional value. These goods spread globally, eventually becoming available in the Indian market, but often the same good is perceived in the American market as an Indian product and in the Indian market as an American product.

In contrast, dance numbers in common Indian films occur spontaneously and frequently throughout the movie. From this point of view, you could almost see the central figure in the movie as the one outsider, Dubey—the resourceful, somewhat slippery event planner—whose face shows all the avidity and unexpected sincerity you find everywhere on the streets of India today.

Western companies in the vast Indian consumer market, therefore, have faced difficulty successfully marketing their products. Roger Ebert Henna ceremony and my favorite song in the film Madhorama Pencha. And in many ways, Monsoon Wedding was an extension of these impulses by other means. Monsoon Wedding, which came out incan almost be seen as a marriage between the conscience-driven documentarian of those early works and the poet of the big screen who had by then mastered the art of international coproductions and gone on to capture large audiences with such big-budget movies as Mississippi Masala and Kama Sutra: It is as if Nair is always telling at least two stories at once, which is apt for a movie that is so much about secrets secret smoking, secret drinking, secret sex but that also deepens and ripens as perhaps we never expected, so that a casual reference early on to a young man not recognizing his family members at the airport comes to acquire much larger, and more ominous, significance.

However, the romantic and pure aspect of it strikes a chord with all viewers. Hollywood studios develop films with greater global collaboration and global appeal because revenues from the overseas releases of Hollywood films now account for more than half of total studio revenues and because, at the same time, foreign film industries are becoming more competitive with Hollywood.

These kinds of contrasts and subtleties are threaded lightly throughout the film, as when the bride is found asleep in a bed, under a romantic mosquito net, with her cousin, one of them perfectly stretched out next to a copy of Cosmo, the other next to a book by Rabindranath Tagore.

And Nair has the grace to take us into his life, far from the wedding scene, and into his quiet thoughts as he sits out on his roof.

Companies seek foreign input in their products and then market those products around the globe. This mingling of genres was, of course, no accident: And then, somehow, it all comes together in a jubilant communion so happy that it can outlast even the rains.Wedding Customs in Monsoon Wedding Judson Michael Edwards Course: English Instructor: Ms.

Andree Cosby Essay Type: Literary Analysis Monsoon Wedding is a movie by Mira Nair “set in modern-day Delhi,” and falls under the interesting category of “Punjabi comedy” (Howe WE37). Nair herself is from Delhi, which has been a Punjabi.

Mar 08,  · Mira Nair's "Monsoon Wedding" is one of those joyous films that leaps over national boundaries and celebrates universal human nature.

It could be the first Indian film to win big at the North American box office; like "Tampopo," the Japanese noodle-shop romance, or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," which escaped the /5. ‘Monsoon Wedding’, which won the Golden Lion as the best film at Veniceis the kind of film where you meet characters you have never been within 10, miles of, and feel like you know them at once.

Narrative o The film's narrative is constructed around the erection of the wedding tent by PK Dubey. o The romance entanglements of the Punjabi family is. Monsoon Wedding Demonstrates Cultural Impact of Globalization on Many Levels After winning the Golden Lion award for Best Film at the Venice Film Festival, “Monsoon Wedding” went on to become a critical and box-office hit in the United States.

Film Analysis: A Monsoon Wedding Essay There is a scene where Aditi’s mother is showing her husband the silverware that was given to her by her mother when she got married, as well as some fabrics that was passed down to her.

Monsoon wedding analysis essays
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