Primate observation san diego zoo

Out of all the species of Primates that the San Diego Zoo had on display, I was drawn to a few in particular: They also have human-like ears that are parallel to their eyes and are small in size.


The scientific name will be two parts: Monkeys are also trapped and sold as pets. Many live in areas where people live. She is very intelligent and seemed to be the one finding all of the food. Her lower lip is pushed down allowing water to flow through her mouth and proceeds to drink the flowing water.

Siamangs are relatively small to primates and are very slender. How do they eat it?

He takes the leaves one by one grasping it with his fist and inserts it in his mouth, not eating it but as if he has is cleaning it between his teeth. She relaxes near a ledge and is sitting in a bent posture leaned forward waiting. Before you embark on this trip, you should have read the chapter on primates in your textbook and be somewhat familiar with the various primate groups.

Because they both have binocular stereoscopic vision, they are able to see depth, and process information quickly to move safely and quickly through their environments.

Is there anything that surprises you about their movement the speed at which they move for example? During my observations, all four primates exhibited intelligence and behavior in their own ways that can be seen similar to humans as well as within their counterparts.

He, again, had black hair and white around the eyes but, his tail was longer than the others. Bipedal locomotion was only observed twice on both visits, and was exercised by the youngster.

Primate Observation at the San Diego Zoo

That was an amazing observation for me because I was able to observe this example of intelligence first hand. Our scientists are also joining them in biological studies of the animals and plants in the Cazaderos region of Ecuador and in northwestern Peru. They next group of Primates I observed on this particular visit were the Gorillas.San Diego Zoo Global’s Central Africa Program runs three permanently manned field stations in the Ebo forest, in the heartland of biodiverse Cameroon, Africa.

Primate behavior

Nine species of day-living monkey species live in the Ebo forest, some of which (like the Preuss’s red colobus) are critically endangered.

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This observation took place in San Diego Zoo. The primates that I have observed and which will be documented in this report are as follows: Angolan colobus monkey (colobus Angolan), Lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus), Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla), Bonobo, or more commonly known as pygmy chimp (Pan /5(7).

The San Diego Zoo and the Smithsonian National Zoological Park may be two completely different zoos, but they have one important similarity: their passion and love of animals.

Primate Observation – San Diego Zoo Essay Sample

Having a wide variety of species is a key element to the flourishing of any zoo. Jul 23,  · Out of all the species of Primates that the San Diego Zoo had on display, I was drawn to a few in particular: the Squirrel Monkey, the Francois’ Langur, the Orangutans, and Siamangs.

Though others may feel that primates are not very intelligent, through observation it is clear that primates are a very intelligent and curious species.

Primate observation san diego zoo
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