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Soviet strategy during the peace talks had been to "bring the Egyptians with them every step of the way. The Cold War Years". The actions led to the Black September roger business plan, a civil war that broke out in Jordan on September 16, In dozens of speeches and statements, Nasser posited the equation that any direct peace talks with Israel were tantamount to surrender.

Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, with the assistance of three brigades of Soviet troops, [8] rapidly escalated the War of Attrition against Israeli forces at the Suez Canal in an attempt to inflict maximum casualties on Israeli forces.

There was never any question of trying to persuade the Israelis to endorse each American move as it was made. American strategy was wholly different. By October there were about SAM sites in the zone, and Rogers made no diplomatic effort to secure their removal.

He thus had little credibility in Israel, and the Yom Kippur War eventually occurred.

A History with Documents. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: The acceptance had resulted in the August 7,"in place" cease-fire. Kissinger did not want to involve the Soviet Union or any Arab countries friendly to them; in hopes they would turn to the United States and reject the Soviet Union.

Whereas Israel demanded a formal recognition of its sovereignty, gained via direct peace talks with Egypt, Egypt would only agree to offer a peace sponsored by the third-party United Nations this would allow Egypt to avoid political fallout from the Arab nations, which were strongly opposed to recognition of Israel.

According to the cease-fire agreement, both sides were required not to change "the military status quo within zones extending 50 km to the east and west of the cease-fire line.

In addition to this peace, Israel would return all land to Egypt. No breakthrough occurred, even after Sadat, in a surprise move, suddenly expelling Soviet advisers from Egypt and again signaled to Washington his willingness to negotiate.

Israeli military assertiveness resulted in a political setback with the United States, but Nasser had gained a respite that enabled him to consolidate his missile defense systems that had grown out from the war. The Soviets dismissed it as "one-sided" and "pro-Israeli.The Rogers Plan (also known as Deep Strike) was a framework proposed by United States Secretary of State William P.

Rogers Plan

Rogers to achieve an end to belligerence in the Arab–Israeli conflict following the Six-Day War and the continuing War of Attrition. The plan was publicly proposed in a December 9, speech at an Adult Education. A detailed plan may be comforting, but it’s not a strategy.

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Roger business plan
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