The unprecedented changes to the muslim world brought about by the arab spring in tunisia in 2010

Tommaso Virgili, who holds a Ph. Fuel shortages, electricity blackouts, and higher food prices in Egypt fed antigovernment protests, which were held in conjunction with a petition campaign against Pres. Libya has become a vortex of radical jihadism and political violence that is both drawing in a broad area of North Africa from Morocco to Somalia, while at the same time spewing unrest throughout the region.

In Iraq, the Arab Spring led to widespread anti-government demonstrations in the Sunni triangle, which contributed, although it was not the only cause, to civil war there.

In both Tunisia and Egypt, where militaries had intervened to cut the revolutionary process short, elements of the former regimes remained in place and formed the core of the opposition to the postrevolutionary elected governments.

Oprea January 26, Once again Tunisia, the country that launched the Arab Spring, is seeing uncertain days. His death on 4 January [71] brought together various groups dissatisfied with the existing system, including many unemployed, political and human rights activists, labor, trade unionists, students, professors, lawyers, and others to begin the Tunisian Revolution.

Arab Spring

Democracy is defined by how the rights of the minority are guaranteed. This North African nation still has a long way to go. Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is captured by rebels, tortured and killed.

The second was an escalation of political violence. With the support from Saudi and Emirati forces, which entered Bahrain in Marchthe regime there quickly quashed the uprising that had begun in February of that year. The power vacuum this leaves can be volatile—and violent, as it was in Libya.

Tourism, a major industry in Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan, has been singled out by jihadist groups resulting in significant declines in the number of visitors. Arab Spring Aftermath While the uprising in Tunisia led to some improvements in the country from a human-rights perspective, not all of the nations that witnessed such social and political upheaval in the spring of changed for the better.

People have taken to the streets across the country protesting high unemployment and poverty, sometimes violently. This has contributed, in part, to the ongoing worldwide refugee crisis, which has seen thousands flee Libya, most often by boat across the Mediterranean Sea, with hopes of new opportunities in Europe.

And how is ISIS taking advantage of the situation? Rather, they are presented on the site as archival content, intended for historical reference only. Timeline of the Arab Spring Events leading up to the Arab Spring[ edit ] Tunisia experienced a series of conflicts during the three years leading up to the Arab Spring, the most notable occurring in the mining area of Gafsa inwhere protests continued for many months.

The reality is that the Arab Spring was never the popular democratic revolt that Western governments or the media made it out to be.

Arab Uprisings: 2010–13

Presented as archival content. In Tunisia two assassinations of opposition leaders sparked general strikes and mass protests and led to the intervention of the UGTT and its allies in an effort to effect a national dialogue. Video footage of his death was seen by millions online.

Because of the lack of institutional development in Yemen and Libya, regimes in both countries had fragmented when subjected to the pressure of popular revolts in Ultimately, the Arab Spring did not solve the crisis of governmental legitimacy that plagues the Middle East, it simply resulted in just enough additional repression to defer the inevitable explosion to a later date.

By the end ofTunisian politics was hopelessly deadlocked: Unlike most articles on Britannica. Democracy is not defined by how the will of the majority is implemented. Elsewhere in the Middle East, the Arab Spring sparked popular demonstrations and unrest, but had little lasting consequence.

A policy that brought them little political legitimacy, but encouraged the growth of Islamist, often time conservative and Salafist inspired, religious movements. Street protests begin soon after his death throughout the country. Finally, both Yemen and Libya faced centrifugal political forces.

The Arab Spring caused the "biggest transformation of the Middle East since decolonization. An hour later he doused himself with gasoline and set himself afire. But that was only one battle in the war. Tunisia holds first democratic parliamentary elections.

Bashar al Assad Similarly, the civil war that began in Syria in the aftermath of the Arab Spring lasted for several years, forcing many to leave the country to seek refuge in Turkey, Greece and throughout Western Europe.

The Egyptian opposition included similar elements, with the addition of the military. Spurred by military revolutions, inspired by the original military-led, secular Ataturk revolution in Turkey following WW I, these regimes sought to create the same modern, secular regimes in the Arab world.

Unfortunately, this is not just speculation or a distraction from the legitimate economic protests. The economic situation also worsened considerably in both countries. Rebels in Libya launch battle to take control of Tripoli. Either way, our efforts to encourage it only spawned chaos and civil war, and will have only served to destabilize the region even more.

COLIBE is calling for decriminalization of homosexuality and for a ban on the cruelty of anal exams, even if homosexuality remains illegal.The Arab Spring had begun.

The series of revolutions that marked the Arab world toppled dictators and transformed the map of the region, inspiring hope for permanent change in the Middle East. The Beginning of the Arab Spring, demonstrators in Tunis, Tunisia January 14, Subsequent popular elections brought the Muslim Brotherhood inspired government of Mohamed Morsi El Ayat to.

During the first and forgotten Arab Spring ofAlgeria repeatedly came up in my interviews with Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt and Jordan. Perhaps over-learning the lessons of the past. This guide lists online and print sources for what has become known as the "Arab Spring," the popular revolutionary wave in the Middle East and North Africa that started in December Oct 31,  · Sincethe Arab Spring has had an unprecedented impact across the Middle East, and now, with the recent migrant crisis, the rest of the world.

Will it c. Some trends in political Islam resulting from the Arab Spring noted by observers (Quinn Mecham and Tarek Osman) include: Repression of the Muslim Brotherhood, not only in Egypt by the military and courts following the forcible removal of Morsi from office in ; but also by Saudi Arabia and a number of Gulf countries (not Qatar).Death(s): hundreds of thousands killed (International estimate; see table below).

The unprecedented changes to the muslim world brought about by the arab spring in tunisia in 2010
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